Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Welcome to www.QualiMundi.com

These terms and conditions were developed for the users of the site www.QualiMundi.com, to clarify the use of this site. Everyone who visits the site is considered as a user, regardless of the fact that the user was identified on the site or not. By accessing and using the QualiMundi site you agree to unconditionally respect the terms and conditions regarding the use and navigation defined below. It is recalled that QualiMundi reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and the current notifications at anytime. So the user is recommended to check these regularly in order to keep up to date of the latest version and changes to the site.


QualiMundi puts travellers in direct contact with local agencies (independent tourism organisations in the country of destination) that create tours and sell their services. Therefore QualiMundi does not act as a travel agent and should be considered as a marketing tool to connect the customer with the best local agencies (represented by local agents). You're aware that no tourist products are sold on the site. Local agencies communicate directly with the user using their own data. QualiMundi is never involved in the creation and sale of tours. Only the local agents are solely responsible for the services they provide and propose. Users that wish to make use of these services will pay the local agent directly. QualiMundi is a platform for tourist information, providing communication tools for local agencies and can’t under any circumstances be held responsible for the services provided by the local agents.


"The Company" or "Qualified Travel” or "We" : The company Qualified Travel with a capital of 30.000 EUR, whose registered office is situated at Avenue Louise 149, 1050 Brussels, with company number BE476901884, owners of the site www.QualiMundi.com.

"You" : Visitor, user or member of the site www.QualiMundi.com.

“www.QualiMundi.com” or the "site" : The content and pages to which the user, visitor or member has access to the address www.QualiMundi.com, an information platform that aims to refer to local agents or to bring parties together.

"Services" : The totality of all the services, features and applications available on the site, provided by QualiMundi. The services provided by QualiMundi include all URL’s with the brand QualiMundi (the "site QualiMundi") messaging QualiMundi (including personal messaging and e-mail services), provide information about the operation through technical files, communications, and all other content, functions or applications offered regularly by QualiMundi and are related to the activity of QualiMundi (collective (the "QualiMundi Services")).

"Visitor" : Any adult person (+18 yrs) who visits the site on a regular basis; who is not registered as a member, who has access to the content of the site, including the newsletter and available online advertising and promotional services of QualiMundi.

"User" : Any user of the site, in any capacity, whether incidental or consequential, whether or not registered with the site, whether or not member.

"Member" : Any person who has read the terms of use and privacy policy and accept it, which was added as a member by giving an ID and password, as well as some additional information, who has access to member-only functions and certain services, particularly for the partners and professionals, and who will be subject to full acceptance of specific conditions which will be proposed as part of a contract prior to any determination of certain services.

"Local Consultant" or "Local Agent" : Independent local agency that composes tours and receives the payments.

"Account" : The individual account of each member, created since its registration on the site.

"ID" : Login and password to identify a member and allow access to certain parts of the site which only members have access to.

"Login" : Name, first name, nickname or e-mail address, chosen by the user, in order to identify themselves.

"Password" : Confidential information, which the member must keep secret, to in combination with his ID, gain access to his personal space.

"Personal Space" : Space intended for the collection of personal information of a member, through the 'My Account' section, including the stories of travel, the comments from the QualiMundi member.

"Content" : Content of any kind registered in the www.QualiMundi.com site by a member.

"Terms of Use" or "Terms and Conditions" : The current terms of use, or more general conditions for use and navigation of the site www.QualiMundi.com.

Article 1 - Objective of the Terms of Use

These conditions were developed to clarify these terms, specifically the use of services provided by Local Agents, also called "receptive agents of receptive agencies” ,to the Users of www.QualiMundi.com.

Article 2 - Acceptance of Terms

By accessing and using the site of www.QualiMundi.com you agree to unconditionally respect the Terms of Use regarding the use and navigation defined below. It is recalled that QualiMundi reserves the right to change the Terms of Use and the current notifications at anytime. So the user is recommended to check these regularly in order to keep up to date of the latest version and changes to the site.


Article 3 - Description of the services and products QualiMundi

The www.QualiMundi.com website provides internet users, who want to organize customized trips, following services: Advice and fact sheets; information; connection with the local agents; system for sending information and contacting selected partners and contacts; secure payment.

Article 4 - Access to the services of www.QualiMundi.com

4.1 Setting Access

QualiMundi is only offered on the Internet. To gain access, you must have access to the internet and own the necessary equipment (computer, software,...), so you can download the necessary digital data. You must create your membership in order to place an order. All phone lines and internet access costs are at your expense. QualiMundi will in no way provide material resources, including telephone equipment, computer equipment, programs or subscription in order to connect to the site. We provide only a username and password.

4.2 Accessibility and technical operation of the Site

We are determined to provide all reasonable means to maintain the site www.QualiMundi.com fully operational for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We do not warrant that the operation of the Site will be uninterrupted or error-free. QualiMundi is not liable for the unavailability, interruption or failure of the Site, for any reason whatsoever and in particular in the case of failure of his ISP, intrusion by third parties or force majeure. QualiMundi is not liable for any inconvenience or damage inherent to the use of the Internet, including the presence of viruses or spyware. QualiMundi may interrupt access, including maintenance and upgrade operations or for any other reason, including technical reasons. QualiMundi can never be liable for these interruptions and the consequences that might result for the User or third parties. It is recalled that QualiMundi can cancel or change the characteristics of these services at any time, without notice. You agree that in no case QualiMundi or its suppliers may be responsible for any material or immaterial damage (direct or indirect) due to the inability to use the site www.QualiMundi.com.

4.3 Refusal, suspension or termination of access

QualiMundi may refuse, terminate or suspend access to its site at any time, including for operational reasons or maintenance, change, suspension or removing of the site and to the termination of publication on the internet without users being able to claim a compensation.

4.4 Free access to certain services

QualiMundi provides free access and services to Visitors and Users: e.g., free services you can enjoy without any need to identify or create an account.

Article 5 - Price inquiry

To benefit from our various services, especially getting in contact with the local agents, price inquiries to local agents, providing a personal space, your identification and prior approval is essential in order to create your membership before being able to submit a price inquiry on the Site. The request for quotation is free. To become a Member of the Site and have access to all the services offered by QualiMundi, you simply need to fill out an online form, read and accept the Terms and Conditions of QualiMundi.

The acceptance of your price inquiry is subject to certain conditions:

  • You are a natural person;
  • You must be at least eighteen (18) years old or more; or if you are underage have permission from your legal representative;
  • You register personal capacity or on behalf of a third party;
  • You are accurate, complete, current and verifiable information,
  • Your e-mail address must be personal and valid;
  • Your account connections (timetable, country, ISP, banning proxies) should correspond to a normal use of a user account;
  • Your ID must be conform to the normal rules (no reference to a political preference, an ethnic group, a community, a religion, not vulgar or offensive, pornographic or sexual meaning, do not imitate a registered trademark; not refer to a banned product or any other entity is prohibited by the legislation; not resemble or imitate names of characters created by one of the authors online, it does not imitate the name of a member of QualiMundi; wrong spelling with the aim of circumventing the rules above);

One recalls that any person, who leaves a false declaration about themselves, can be penalized by the court for a criminal offence.

Article 6 - The contacting the Local Agent

To get in direct contact with the Local Agent in order to organize your trip, you must in this order:

  • Choose your destination
  • Choose your local agent
  • Give a description of the travellers and their destination
  • State your preferences regarding hotels, guidance and the rhythm of the trip.
  • Transmit your personal information that allows the local agent to contact you.

Article 7 - Your Responsibility

7.1 Liability associated with the use of our services

You acknowledge to use our services for personal and non-commercial title. You acknowledge, as a user, to connect and to use our services at your own risk. Our responsibility will not be questioned due to direct or indirect damages (financial loss, loss of profits, exchange rate differences) you or any third party may suffer, due to the impossibility of access or connection to the Site, or failure of the Site. This includes especially the damage caused by incorrect content, errors, delays or interruptions in the transmission, loss, disappearance or alteration of data, viruses, whatever their origin, intrusion by third parties, and more generally the use of the Site or the inability to use the site.

7.2 Liability linked to the tour provided by the Local Agent

You agree to the rules laid down by local guide or another representative of the local agent. These rules are designed to ensure the proper functioning of the program and also safety. Any activity that you do, which is not part of the travel program, will not fall under the responsibility of the local agent.

7.3 Liability with regard to the content and intellectual property

You acknowledge that you have taken note of the reading of the technical characteristics of the equipment to take advantage of the services of QualiMundi. All information, content, files, software and materials offered by our services are protected by Belgian and international laws relating to intellectual property and copyright. You agree to be owner of all data sent via QualiMundi. You can not use data and information that are contrary to the rights of other persons nor forward them, except after obtaining their permission. You are responsible for all content, data, documents or information of any kind that you submit which you use and/or perform on our Site. You warrant that the information transmitted by the updates does not affect the rights of third parties. You warrant QualiMundi to be harmless against all claims of any kind whatsoever with respect to the fraudulent use of personal information, and all damage that would result in respect of QualiMundi. So you accept all the consequences, including financial, arising from the fraudulent use of data of any kind that you have uploaded to the Site and you agree to also refund QualiMundi all legal costs arising from a potential defence arising from such claims by third parties.

7.4 Liability linked to viruses

You guarantee that none of the transmitted or recorded files on the site contain viruses. You can in no way save files or send messages that contain viruses or programs that destroy data. In case of violation you are solely responsible.

7.5 Liability linked to insurance

As with all of your tours, you must be covered by a travel insurance during your international travels: assistance and health insurance, accident insurance, repatriation, baggage, cancellation insurance, civil liability insurance. We invite you to check out the coverage of your insurance and if necessary to establish a new insurance contract with your insurer or for information on the following site www.sunassistance.com.

Article 8 - Liability of QualiMundi

You acknowledge that you, not QualiMundi, are responsible for all electronic communications and content, sent through your communication tool to the site (computer, mobile phone, etc.) and that you must respect the service in accordance with applicable laws. You are aware that QualiMundi does not act as a travel agent and can therefore not be held responsible for the services provided by the local agencies responsible.

Article 9 - Responsibility of the Local Agent

The client will comply with the requirements imposed by the guide or another representative of the Local Agent. These rules are designed to ensure the proper functioning of the program and also safety regulations. Every activity of the customer that is not part of the travel program is not the responsibility of the local agent. The Local Agent is supposed to do its best to ensure that the highest quality of services delivered.

Local Agent can not be held liable for:

  • Theft, loss or damage to your possessions anywhere, e.g. in the hotels;
  • The harmful consequences of force majeure (eg weather, natural disasters, a problem of a political nature, strike.);
  • Damage committed by other passengers, travellers;
  • The consequences of delays, obstacles or cancellation of flights by airlines;
  • The effects of changes in the hour schedule or airport;
  • The consequences of delays or obstacles due to transport by land and water;
  • The consequences of delays or hindrances or cancellation due to rail transport;
  • Failure to comply with the schedules as a result of these facts;

It is noteworthy that QualiMundi has selected local agents with very good experience in organizing trips and in case of problems take the most appropriate decisions.

Article 10 - Special provisions relating to the services provided by the Local Agent

10.1 Cancellation

Any cancellation must be notified immediately to the local agent by means of a letter, fax or e-mail. The cancellation fees are at the customer’s expense. The amount varies depending on the time the cancellation is notified and the terms of the local agent are applied. The cancellation conditions specific to each local agency are those that will be applied. Bank charges are always at the customer's expense.

10.2 Payment

Each reservation is effective as soon as a deposit is collected. As an example, the commonly used terms: The deposit is represented by a deposit per person. It should be paid to the Local Agent of which the data will be transmitted. The customer pays the balance of the amount of the invoice at the latest one month before the day of departure, according to the request of the local agent. Each Local Agent sends its payment terms and method of payment, these will be used.

10.3 Changes

Between the time the offer is made ​​and the time it is a fixed contract, it is possible that a particular accommodation is no longer possible. Changes can therefore take place and will be carried out, always with your consent.

10.4 Unused services

At each interruption or curtailment of the trip, or services not used by land, sea, inland waterway, because of whatever reason, a refund by the local agent is in no case possible. In the case of a journey shortened or interrupted because of health reasons, the local agent will do everything possible to obtain a full or partial refund of the unused services of the various suppliers.

10.5 In default of security of Local Agent

QualiMundi is not responsible for the services provided by local agents or their failure (bankruptcy, the disappearance of the leaders...).

Article 11 - Privacy

QualiMundi is careful with personal data and follow the Law of December 8th 1992 on the protection of personal data as supplemented by decrees and modified by subsequent legislation. This law helps to protect the privacy of citizens. This legislation is respected by QualiMundi. QualiMundi is the representative for control. You are solely responsible for the information that you provide to QualiMundi and declare that the information provided on the occasion of your registration is perfect and accurate. You agree that the requested information is mandatory and that it will be collected as part of the www.QualiMundi.com services in order to make its use possible.

This information is only used by QualiMundi and its contractual partners in order to apply the Terms and Conditions and can be used to sent regular emails and general information about QualiMundi activities and travelling in general, as well as send personalized messages based on the information you have entered on its site.

You have the right to object, to access and correct your personal access. So, you can demand your personal information to be corrected, completed, clarified, updated or deleted if it is inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous, outdated or if the use, communication or conservation of your data is forbidden. You have the right to oppose, free of charge and without any justification, the processing of your data for direct marketing purposes. If you want to edit or delete your personal information, you must identify yourself on the tab "my account" of the Site by reusing the same e-mail address. You have access to your personal information on this tab. You can send your request for access, correction, deletion or opposition to our customer service via contact@QualiMundi.com.

The use of cookies

Upon registration, the user agrees to the use of cookies. QualiMundi uses cookies to facilitate the online services; these cookies will not be used to hold data of the surfer. Only if the traveller accepts this at the time of booking, and thus expressly gives his consent, he will, in the future, receive from QualiMundi commercial messages, either through regular or electronic mail, or through any other medium. Automatic identification of users who have access to the discussion forums QualiMundi, requires the implementation of a cookie, giving re-entering the username and password for access for each connection is not necessary. The cookies linked to the newsletter links are not registered and only know the number of clicks for each User.

External cookies that are linked publicity, allow marketing campaigns without excessive repetition on the site of QualiMundi.

Article 12 - Confidentiality of data

The personal database created on the occasion of the registration on the website www.QualiMundi.com

is confidential. QualiMundi also makes it possible to guarantee confidentiality of collected personal data (names, addresses, emails and passwords) on the occasion of registering for its services only addresses of Internet users who subscribe to our "Sales Partners '(by indicating the box" I agree to receive offers from partners "www.QualiMundi.com") can be passed on to third parties.

QualiMundi can not guarantee the confidentiality or the deletion of the personal data that has voluntarily been put in private messages by the User. QualiMundi is not liable for the 'spam' experienced by users who voluntarily and spontaneously decided to place their email address on the net. The data that led to the identification of Internet users (including IP addresses) and contributed to the creation of content on the website www.QualiMundi.com are owned and managed by QualiMundi. Non-personal statistical information (e.g. number of unique visitors, number of page views per user) can be analyzed by QualiMundi with the aim of improving the editorial and community content and the usage patterns of the Site and notify the advertisers, advertising or institution.

Article 13 - Intellectual Property

All copyright and other intellectual property rights relating to the content and design of this website belong to QualiMundi or its partners. The copyright of all information, text, graphics and all technical processes that can be found on this website lies with QualiMundi. Any reproduction, publication, transmission, full or part of the Site and/or its contents, without the written permission of QualiMundi is illegal. These illegal actions are solely your responsibility and their violation has legal proceedings against you as a result. The logos and trademarks of QualiMundi and its partners on the site are registered trademarks. Any total or partial reproduction of these brands or these logos without the written permission of QualiMundi is prohibited. Any unauthorized reproduction of these trademarks, logos and distinctive signs is a criminal offence with criminal penalties as a result. QualiMundi is the producer of the databases of the site www.QualiMundi.com. Consequently, any extraction and/or re-utilization of databases is prohibited and subject to national and international law, that each visitor should respect.

Article 14 - Links

QualiMundi can not be held responsible for the content of these links to other sites or the use of them. Therefore QualiMundi is not responsible for the content, advertising, products, services or any other tool available on some of these sites or external sources that QualiMundi did not verify or approve, nor is it liable for any damages in connection with the use of this links.

Article 15 - Liability for content

All information on this site is compiled with the utmost care and is regularly updated. QualiMundi and/or its partners deliver all content (including images, sounds, videos, photos, logos, trademarks, images, tools, software, documents and other data) without guarantee of any kind. Use of this Site is at your own risk. Changes and corrections are reserved.

QualiMundi does its best to offer the users the tools and/or information and/or reliable content. However, QualiMundi and/or its partners can not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information and/or content that is offered and the availability of components and tools. Accordingly, QualiMundi and/or its partners can not be liable for the use of the information and/or content that is offered and/or the tools made ​​available on this site. QualiMundi is not responsible and/or liable for the content of this Site and the information contained within.

Article 16 - Termination of services

We reserve the right to terminate your Account at any time in case of violation of the terms of use and/or Terms and Conditions or non-compliance with any of your obligations, immediately and without prior notice or prior judicial intervention. All personal data relating to you will be removed in this case. Without it being our duty, we reserve the option to temporarily carry out unilateral control, or at the request of a third party, purposed to determine whether all the conditions of this agreement have been fulfilled by the user, as well as the contractual documents to supplement or amend. These controls can, in some cases, lead to the suspension of the account of the user in the log, including the provision of information to the user in case of failures. These audits may, where appropriate, give us the right to terminate the agreement, immediately and without prior notice or prior judicial intervention, in case of fault of the user.

You can delete your account and its contents completely unless an order is still being processed.
After the full implementation of the last command, you can move freely with the uninstalling of your data. With abuse violations, or any other complaint regarding the service, you can contact our customer service via e-mail contact@qualimundi.com or writing to the following address: Qualified Travel/QualiMundi - Avenue Louise 149 1050 Brussels (don’t forget to mention your ID and to sign).

Article 17 - Validity

If one or more provisions are fully or partially invalid in the Terms of Use, the remaining provisions will not be affected, and we undertake to apply, from an economic point of view, a new provision as close as possible to the invalid provision.

Article 18 - Contact

Any requests, omissions, errors or corrections can be sent by email to contact@QualiMundi.com or by contacting the webmaster of the website www.QualiMundi.com at the following address: Qualified0 Travel /QualiMundi - Avenue Louise 149 - 1050 Brussels.

Article 19 - General

Qualified Travel is a private company with limited liability. All agreements are exclusively subject to Belgian law. Qualified Travel reserves the right to unilaterally change or modify the terms. For all disputes arising from the use of this Site and for all which Qualified Travel can be held liable, only the courts of Brussels are competent in accordance with Belgian law.

Article 20 - Stipulation of priority of texts

In case of dispute before the court, only the Dutch version of this document would apply.

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