QualiMundi hosts over 300 travel ideas in about 50 different countries. Since we would like to be able to offer journeys to the most remote corners of the earth FROM everywhere on the planet, it would make sense to offer a method of payment that transcends borders aswell.

Adding bitcoin to the list of 'standard' payment methods seems like the logical next step. Accepting bitcoin donations is the first step we'd like to take in this direction, testing the field before moving on to bigger and better services.

Every donation will count towards more implementations of bitcoin related features. We're looking at ways to reward frequent travellers, allow affiliate and combine this with our new tombola, which will continue to grow as we grow! So keep an eye on things or register as a QualiMundi member to subscribe to our newsletter.

You can use this QR code, or address 13xvbj2KyZAQn1Aj6hFKzCGFuvQrs9XjER to donate.


Thank you so much,

The QualiMundi Team